Episode 22: Spirit of Rosa

Sean (@seanofgallifrey) and Jeff of AZ TARDIS delve into the newest episode of Doctor Who, “Rosa”. Being a monumental episode covering sensitive themes of racism and civil rights in America, “Rosa” has generated a lot of conversation. Universally acclaimed by critics and viewers, “Rosa” has stolen the hearts of many. We on the TardisCore Podcast give you our analysis, here…

Episode 21 – Come to Daddy… I mean, Mommy…

Sean (@seanofgallifrey) and Jeff are back to discuss Doctor Who Series 11, Episode 2: The Ghost Monument. Plus, a little teaser about some future fun coming from AZ TARDIS. Make sure to check out the AZ TARDIS Facebook page!

Episode 20: It’s About Time

Sean (@seanofgallifrey) is now joined by Jeff Jones of AZ TARDIS to analyze the premiere of the eleventh series of Doctor Who, The Woman Who Fell to Earth. Jeff will be joining the Podcast permanently as of this episode and we couldn’t be more excited. Don’t forget to check out AZ TARDIS on Facebook and show your support at upcoming events!

Episode 19: One, Twelve, Thirteen Times a Doctor

Sean (@seanofgallifrey) discusses the latest episode of Doctor Who, Twice Upon a Time, and his feelings about the episode, how they dealt with the first Doctor, and his thoughts on the regeneration into our first ever female Doctor, played by Jodie Whittaker.

Episode 18: Anti-Illumination

Sean (@seanofgallifrey) discusses the latest episode of Doctor Who, The Eaters of Light. What is going on in Aberdeen and what happened to the Roman Ninth Legion, really? Also, the very diverse Roman Army.

Episode 17: Lies and the Empress

Sean (@seanofgallifrey) apparently forgot to record an episode last week for The Lie of the Land, so he’ll be throwing in a brief review of it along with his review of this week’s episode, Empress of Mars. Also, sickness has befallen our hero, so it will be especially brief as he tries not to vomit into the microphone……

Anyway, enjoy….

Episode 16: New Ancient Pyramids

Sean (@seanofgallifrey) discusses the latest episode of Doctor Who, The Pyramid at the End of the World.

Episode 15: Who Sims: Monk-in’ Around

Sean (@seanofgallifrey) discusses the latest episode of Doctor Who, Extremis, as well as some brief discussion about the current ratings of Class on BBC America.