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class-aprilApril MacLean was a student at Coal Hill Academy in 2016. After she fired a displacement gun at Corakinus and Charlie pushed her out of the way, she and Corakinus began sharing April’s heart, allowing her brief glimpses into his thoughts.

She organized the school prom. April was in the group of students the Twelfth Doctor asked to protect Coal Hill.

April played the violin—mostly folk music—something she only revealed to close friends.


April considered herself to be “nice”, but her mother corrected her: she was kind.

Miss Quill commented that “God knows, [April’s heart] is big enough [to share with Corakinus].” April found it difficult to make friends, as she believed that everybody perceived her as “fragile”.


April’s father was a folk singer and fiddle player. He was often away so April and her mother, Jackie, did not see him very much. At some point he began to drink a lot of alcohol and started to have suicidal thoughts. When April was 8 years old, he purposefully drove off the motorway with both Jackie and April in the car. April’s mother was paralyzed as a result, while April herself was not hurt. Her father survived and went to prison for causing the crash. April took care of her mother ever since.

April did not have much of social life. Miss Quill once called her “the wallflower of Shoreditch”.

When the Shadow Kin appeared at Coal Hill, looking for Charlie, the prince of the Rhodians in exile, Miss Quill tried to get April to shoot a displacement gun at the Shadow King, Corakinus, which would kill both April and him. When she fired it at an indirect angle, the Shadow King’s heart was scattered across the universe, and the two began to share April’s. As a result, she could occasionally see into Corakinus’ thoughts, for brief periods of time. Corakinus tried taking April back through the rip in space-time after the Doctor and Tanya Adeola forced the Shadow Kin back, but Ram Singh freed her by attacking Corakinus with a chair.

April knew Poppy from violin lessons and thought that she was nice, sweet and lonely. April was shocked by the news that Poppy stole a car and drove it into a betting shop window killing herself. It reminded her of her father crashing their car.

One Tuesday, as she was walking from home to school, Steve Hopley, an employee of Joyriders company, took control of her body. Before returning control to her in front of the school, he used her body to binge-drink vodka. As a result, she came to Miss Quill’s class late and completely drunk, although having no memory of drinking. She kissed Charlie with tongue when he tried to help her back on her feet, and threw up on Miss Quill’s shoes.

Later the same day April, Charlie and Tanya saw Amar Sai on the roof. They managed to prevent “joyrider” Viola Cummings, who was controlling Amar’s body, from running a trial suicide at his expense.

April helped Ram after the Lan Kin took to form of Rachel. After arriving at Coal Hill she theorized that the main root of the creature was in the direction of Tanya’s flat and went there. When she and Ram got there they were trapped by the Lan Kin and wrapped in its roots for standing in it’s way when it tried to ensnare. She was released when Quill ran it over with a bus.