class-charlieCharlie was the Prince of Rhodia, and the last of his species, the Rhodians. He was rescued by the Twelfth Doctor during a war with Shadow Kin, and taken to Coal Hill Academy in 2016, posing as a student from Sheffield.


Charlie was born and raised on the planet Rhodia. He was a prince, and ruled over his people for several years with his mother.

Charlie’s family never saw Charlie as someone worth bothering combining with, instead as a valuable piece of property to be used for the good of the country.

At one point, the Rhodians went to war with their planet’s other race, the Quill. The Quill’s lead freedom fighter was enslaved to serve Charlie and be his protector.

The Shadow Kin attacked and killed every Rhodian and Quill, including Charlie’s mother.

Charlie and his servant were then rescued by the Twelfth Doctor, who took them to Coal Hill Academy. Pretending to be from Sheffield, Charlie’s servant took on the name of Miss Quill and posed as a teacher, while Charlie posed as a student in Year 12.

He and Miss Quill lived in an apartment situated on the Central line of the London Underground.

He was asked out by April but rejected her. He noticed the burn marks on the corridor floor after Kevin Williams disappeared and deduced that they were from Miss Quill’s gun. He prevented April from firing the gun (which would have killed her) causing her to share a heart with the Shadow Kin King, Corakinus.

Charlie asked Matteusz out for the Autumn Prom, and they attended it together. He wielded Miss Quill’s gun when the legion of Shadow Kin attacked, but it was later destroyed.

He encountered a dragon monster that ate his headteacher, Mr Armitage, and saw the dragon pull Coach Dawson, who had the dragon’s mate trapped inside his skin, through the rip in space-time.

One Tuesday, Charlie, Tanya and April saw Amar Sai on the roof. They managed to prevent “joyrider” Viola Cummings, who was controlling Amar’s body, from running a trial suicide at his expense.

Some days later, Matteusz arrived at his home, having been thrown out by his parents for his relationship with Charlie. Charlie offered him residence, and the pair ended up having sex. When the Lan Kin arrived in his apartment, he caught a glimpse of them trying to form his parents but they failed.

Downstairs, Miss Quill ordered him to drive a screwdriver through the hand of her sister, which in actuality was part of the Lan Kin. The Lan Kin confessed to feeding off of Tanya Adeola before disintegrating. Charlie, Matteusz and Miss Quill rushed to Tanya’s. They tried severing the smaller roots but they kept reforming. Charlie and Matteusz managed to sever some roots before Miss Quill destroyed the trunk with a double-decker bus.