Detained is the sixth episode in the first series of Class. It originally aired on BBC Three on November 19, 2016.


Miss Quill places Charlie, Ram, April, Tanya and Matteusz in detention for seemingly no reason, claiming that she has things to do and class-106-4does not want to be bothered. After she leaves them, April attempts to unlock the door. As she gets the door open, an asteroid flies through the tear in the hallway, and lands in the classroom. Following this, the windows and door turn black and it appears that they are trapped in the classroom.

At first believing Quill is responsible, Charlie realizes that she can’t do so without the arn killing her. They begin to notice that they are all noticeably more aggressive than usual, except for Charlie who begins to exhibit extreme claustrophobia and paranoia. They eventually notice the meteor in the corner of the room, with a glowing orange substance attached to it. Matteusz picks it up and seemingly enters a trance state, recalling the day he told his grandmother he was gay. He reveals that he’s afraid of Charlie, and April knocks the rock out of his hand. They hypothesize that it is a form of confession.

As time passes, they become more aggressive and Charlie begins panicking about the situation. They slowly begin to turn on one another, viewing the worst of everyone. Tanya suggests that as the meteor forces people to tell the truth, they could potentially ask it questions about where they are. Tanya decides to pick it up, and she reveals that she worries about the others treating her as a little sister, or someone they have to tolerate. She also reveals that the meteor is dangerous and can fry a person’s brain if they hold it for too long, and it is housing a prisoner. She drops the meteor, and the group begin to fear that they are in a prison wittumblr_ognpcvnyou1rnnroro1_500h a murderer.

Tensions rise between Charlie and Matteusz due to Matteusz’s confession. To calm Charlie down, Matteusz tells him about a book about a place called Narnia, and how Susan judged her friend based on one bad thing she said. Charlie forgives Matteusz and they reconcile.
Tanya suggests that someone else needs to pick up the rock to find out more about where they are. Ram does so and reveals that he loves April more than she could ever love him. April struggles to deny this and only fuels Ram’s feeling. Ram passes out before he can provide any more information; however, upon waking he reveals that the prisoner is a murderer and wants to kill them.

April then picks up the rock and confesses that Ram’s concerns are true — she does not love him as much as he loves her. However, she also manages to make the prisoner reveal that that they are “here and nowhere” (that is, they are outside of time and space). They realize that they will be trapped in the classroom eternally as they will never age and never die, unless they kill each other.

As everyone becomes more and more aggravated, Charlie decides to picks up the rock as he believes that it does not have the same quill-and-charlie-in-detainedeffect on him as the others (as he has not been feeling angry). When he does so, he realizes that he is more guilty that the prisoner (as Rhodians believe that his desire to kill the Shadow Kin is equal to actually doing it) and therefore his reaction to the prison is due to his feeling that it is for him. His guilt kills the prisoner, and the classroom returns to Coal Hill.

However, Charlie realizes that he has made a mistake, as the prison still needs to house a prisoner and he is the guiltiest of the group. As the rock attempts to detain him, Miss Quill enters and fires her gun at the rock, destroying it. Most of the group leave the classroom in frustration; however, Charlie and Matteusz stay behind and question Quill as to how she is able to use a gun. They notice she has a long scar over her eye and her hair is noticeably longer than before. She reveals that she has had a stressful day and that she has removed the arn from her brain, ensuring her freedom.


Ram Singh
April MacLean
Tanya Adeola
Miss Quill
Matteusz Andrzejewski