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Gwen-Cooper-torchwood-18154790-1024-768Gwen Elizabeth Cooper was a Cardiff police constable who was recruited by Torchwood Three. She eventually rose to second-in-command and, for a short while, commander of the unit. By2009, Gwen was the only surviving member beyond the immortal Jack Harkness after Torchwood Three was declared an enemy of the British government.

In 2011, she had severed her ties with Torchwood and begun a relatively peaceful life with her husband, Rhys Williams, and their newborn daughter, Anwen Williams. She remained prepared to fight for survival if the government came after her and resumed operations with Jack during the events of the Miracle.


As a Torchwood operative she provided an essential foil to Captain Jack, although her personal agenda sometimes interfered with her duties. Her actions and decisions were sometimes guided by her desire to protect her live-in boyfriend, and later husband, Rhys. She had a brief, disruptive affair with another operative, Owen Harper, and according to him was capable of sexual techniques which at first caused him extreme pleasure, but later bored him. (Countrycide, Combat) She also shared sexual tension with Jack, but in the end remained true to Rhys. (Something Borrowed)

Gwen had a strong will- she suffered an awful lot during the events of Miracle Day, the most obvious being her father falling into a vegetative state and kept alive only by the Miracle, but despite this she remained determined to bring death back to the world. Her will was especially shown when, after Esther was shot, she remained unflinched and still ended the Miracle, having already accepted that her father would die. However, she was clearly saddened by Esther’s death, judging by the fact that she attended her funeral. (The Categories of Life, The Blood Line) She was also fiercely proud of her Welsh heritage; when a CIA agent insulted her for being English, she retorted that she was Welsh and punched her out cold. (Rendition)

She was always friendly and related well to people, a trait that she had picked up as a police officer, and the one that caused Jack Harkness to recruit her to Torchwood. (Everything Changes) Gwen was fond of lasagna.


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