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Hell Bent

Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Rachel Talalay

“Is it a sad song?”
“Nothing’s sad till it’s over. Then everything is.”
“What’s it called?”
“I think it’s called Clara.”
“Tell me about her.”

If you took everything from him, and betrayed him, and trapped him, and broke both his hearts… how far might the Doctor go? It is time, at last, for the Doctor’s confession.


Doctor-Who-Hell-Bent-2The Doctor enters a 1950’s style American Diner. He sits at the counter. The waitress turns around. It is Clara. She doesn’t seem to recognize who he is. He tells her that he doesn’t have any money, but says that he does play guitar. She tells him that will work and asks if he needs to plug it in. He places his Sonic Sunglasses on the counter and turns them on.They discuss traveling while he plays. After the song is over, she asks what it is called. He says he thinks it is called, “Clara”. He begins to tell her a story….

As The Doctor wanders the red wastelands of Gallifrey, he finds the barn in which he had planned to utilize The Moment. Meanwhile, in The Citadel, Rassilon is asking The General if all of the cloister bells are ringing. Gastron reports back that, not only are all of the bells ringing, but the cloister wraiths are very active. Rassilon explains that this is a sign of great danger on the horizon. The Sisterhood of Karn enters, with Ohila in the lead. When asked, she tells him that The Doctor will have gone back to the beginning.

Meanwhile, back in the wasteland, The Doctor enters the barn and looks around. He climbs the ladder to where the bed is, staring down at it. A woman enters the barn, prattling on about trivial matters. She sees The Doctor standing in the loft. She tells him, before seeing him, that he should not be there. As she approaches him, she finally sees his face. Looking at him with recognition, the tells him, “They will kill you.” Outside the barn, she serves him a bowl of soup. As he gets ready to eat the soup, a large crowd gathers around him, admiring him. As he gets ready to dive into the soup and take the first bite, Gastron approaches in a ship, ordering the group to step away from The Doctor. He orders The Doctor to drop any weapons he may have and return with him to The Citadel. Wordlessly, The Doctor drops his spoon to the table. He approaches the ship, as if he is going to go with him. He stops, draws a large line in the sand, stands on one side of it, staring up at Gastron, and walks back to the table. The crowd applauds him. As this happens, Rassilon watches, angrily, wondering what The Doctor’s plans are. As they discuss what his plans could be, Rassilon and The General decide that words have always been The Doctor’s weapons and it is time that they became theirs as well.

This time, The General approaches The Doctor at the barn, flanked by a small host of Capitol Guard soldiers. The Doctor walks outside. As The General politely tries to speak with him, The Doctor simply turns and reenters the barn. Seemingly more angrily, Rassilon asks Ohila what if The Doctor wants revenge? She explains that he doesn’t blame Gallifrey for what has been done. He only blames Rassilon. After fixing a black jacket onto himself, The Doctor walks outside again. This time, he sees Rassilon along with The General and the soldiers. When Rassilon offers The Doctor his hand, The Doctor glares at him and throws the confession dial at his feet into the sand. He orders Rassilon to get off his planet. Rassilon tries to explain to The Doctor that they had to know what he knew about the hybrid. He tells him that if he had just told them what he knows, the dial would have released him. Again, The Doctor orders him away. This angers Rassilon. He orders the soldiers to shoot The Doctor, after some hesitation, they fire.

Back at the diner, Clara makes a comment about The Doctor enjoying a cliffhanger.

On Gallifrey, Every shot fired has missed The Doctor. Angry that the entire squad has somehow missed their marks, he demands to know why. Gastron tells Rassilon about an old saying from the Time War about “The Doctor of War” always being unarmed. He lays down his weapon and crosses over to The Doctor’s side of the line. The other soldiers follow. As more ships arrive at the barn, Rassilon asks the General if he called for reinforcements. The Doctor tells Rassilon that he was the one who called for reinforcements. The General puts down his own gun and crosses to the other side of the line. He tells Rassilon to get off The Doctor’s planet. A ship is later seen leaving The Citadel. When The General asks The Doctor if he has gone too far, The Doctor informs him that he has just begun and that the high council will be on the next shuttle.

The Doctor meets with The General and the Sisterhood of Karn. he asks them about what they know about the hybrid. The General tells him that the hybrid is said to be a mix of two warrior races. It is generally believed to be Dalek and Time Lord, and will stand in the ruins of Gallifrey. After this, The Doctor tells him that he needs an extraction chamber to speak with an old friend. On Trap Street, The Raven is about to hit Clara when time freezes. The Doctor is seen in a bright doorway telling her to follow him, and that he can save her. She follows him into a white room. She says that she should be dead and brynabasilThe Doctor tells her that it doesn’t matter and to forget it. Clara looks around, confused. The General tells The Doctor that he has to explain to her what is going on. The Doctor explains to Clara that she has been extracted from a single moment at the end of her timeline. The General explains to her that she still died billions of years ago and she will have to be returned to that moment when they are done speaking. The Doctor suddenly punches The General, stealing his gun. The General reminds him that not returning Clara could fracture time. Clara tells him that she doesn’t want this. When The Doctor asks which regeneration The General is on, he sighs that it is his tenth, knowing what The Doctor is planning to do to him. They both wish each other luck, and The Doctor fires the gun at him. As he and Clara flee the room, he grabs something from the table. The General regenerates into a woman, while The Doctor and Clara head into the cloisters, where the cloister wraiths guard The Matrix.

When The Doctor and Clara come across a Dalek attached to wires from the walls, he explains that it is a remnant of the cloister wars. They soon come across Cybermen and Weeping Angels, as well. The Doctor pulls her to a corner of the cloisters and says they must be close, as he notices some designs on the floor of the cloisters. He explains that The Matrix is a collection of Time Lord Consciousness that is uploaded whenever a Time Lord dies. As he is trying to figure out how to open the secret door, Clara notices that he refuses to look her in the eye. She asks what happened to him. He tells her some of what has happened, but ultimately dodges the question. She asks him what has happened to his velvet jacket. She tells him that she liked it and it was more “Doctory”. He responds that he can’t be The Doctor all the time. Just then, Ohila and The General arrive at the cloisters. The Doctor tells them that he might not know anything about the hybrid and that he needed them to think he did to bide time to save Clara. Clara looks to Ohila and demands to know how long he was in the confession dial. Ohila tells her that they estimate the time to be around 4.5 Billion years. She tells The Doctor, astonished at the amount of time he was trying to save her, that her time is up and that there are things that people like them should say to each other and she is going to say them now…

After whispering to him, Clara stands and faces The General and Ohila. She tells them that the reason the Time Lords have hidden themselves at the end of time is because they are hated across the universe. Ohila asks what she told The Doctor. She says that she will not tell them that information, but that she will tell them one bit. She says that she told him that they would all be looking at her. Just as realization appears on their faces, a TARDIS materializes around Clara. Ohila, calling The Doctor “Boy”, tells him that he is breaking every oath and code he has ever made. He takes off as The General asks Ohila where he is running to. She responds with simply, “away”.DW9E12-11-1200x801

As they leave the time zone of Gallifrey, The Doctor tells Clara that she should be fine. When she still has no pulse, he tells her that they might just need to go a bit further. The tattoo from Trap Street is still on her neck. He takes the TARDIS past the end of time, where the Time Lords won’t think to look for them. Still no pulse, The Doctor says that it should have worked. There are four knocks at the door. When Clara goes to answer, The Doctor tells her that he should to this alone. He exits the TARDIS to find Ashildr, sitting in an old armchair, next to a chess board. She explains to The Doctor that Clara died billions of years ago and that it was beautiful and sad and that he had no right to change who she was. They discuss the hybrid, and that it is time to tell the truth. With Clara now eavesdropping with the Sonic Sunglasses, The Doctor tells Ashildr that she is the hybrid because she is half human and half Myre. She turns it on him, telling him that maybe he is the hybrid because he is half human. She then suggests that the hybrid is two people. She says that Clara and The Doctor, together, are the hybrid and are a risk to time. She reminds them that Missy brought them together and that she thrives on chaos. He reveals his plan to wipe Clara’s memories of him using Time Lord technology. She asks when he is planning to tell her and they head toward the TARDIS.

Bringing Ashildr into the TARDIS, The Doctor that Clara doesn’t seem to be surprised to see Ashildr. She confesses that she had been listening to the conversation. When he tells her that he is trying to keep her safe with a neural blocker, she tells him that she doesn’t want that. She explains that the time she has been with him are the best years of her life and that those years are hers and that she is entitled to them. He admits that she is right, as she usually is. She tells him that she reversed the polarity on the neural blocker and that it will blow up in his face. The Doctor says that he isn’t sure that she reversed the polarity and is not sure what will happen with the button. They agree to both press the button at the same time. After they do, they discuss that they just have to wait and see what happens. She says she could never forget him. He says that she might not have to before he falls over, losing consciousness. Before passing out, he admits that he went too far this time.

doctor-who-claraThe Doctor wakes up, laying in the desert. A man tells him that Clara asked him to look after him. The Doctor seems confused as to who Clara is. In the Diner, The Doctor finishes his story. He tells Clara that you can sometimes recreate something by examining the space that is left. He remembers their adventures. He knows her name, thanks to the man in the desert, but he doesn’t know her face. He tells her that he is positive that if he met her, he would know it was her. Clara turns away as tears well into her eyes. She asks about his TARDIS. He tells her that he can’t find it because someone has moved it away from London. She says maybe someone found it for him, as she enters the back room of the diner. Behind her, Ashildr stands at the console for the stolen TARDIS. The TARDIS dematerializes and it is revealed that the entire diner is the disguise of the TARDIS. The Doctor’s TARDIS is left behind, complete with graffiti that was put there by Rigsy.First_full_look_at_Doctor_Who_s_new_sonic_screwdriver

Ashildr tells Clara that she doesn’t think she got the chameleon circuit fixed quite right and that they might be stuck as an American diner wherever they go. Clara is still stuck between two heartbeats, meaning that her death is still a fixed point in time and cannot be changed. She says that she will head to Gallifrey to go back to her death, but she will go the long way ’round. The Doctor enters his TARDIS. As the lights come on, he sees a message on the chalk board. “RUN, YOU CLEVER BOY…. AND BE A DOCTOR”. The velvet jacket is hanging next to the board. He puts it on and turns around. A new Sonic Screwdriver pops from the console and is thrown to him. He catches it and examines it. Seemingly pleased, he snaps his fingers. The doors close, and he dematerializes as the graffiti disappears. In space, the two TARDISes cross paths, each heading on their own adventures.


The Twelfth Doctor
Clara Oswald