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Ian Chesterton (William Russell) 1963-1965

Science master Ian Chesterton is persuaded by his colleague Barbara to follow their mysterious student Susan home. They discover the TARDIS – a scientific paradox that Ian finds very hard to comprehend. Always the gentleman, Ian demonstrates great bravery against French revolutionaries, Aztec warriors, and the dreaded Daleks. He returned to Earth with Barbara in 1965. Sarah Jane Smith later noted that Ian and Barbara became professors at Cambridge, and mysteriously hadn’t aged since the 1960s…

Sir Ian Francis Chesterton was one of the First Doctor’s first human companions to join him on his travels.

Before meeting the Doctor, Ian was a science teacher at Coal Hill School in 1960s London. During a trip to the 12th century, he was knighted as Sir Ian, Knight of Jaffa. After leaving the TARDIS, Ian had adventures with the Doctor in his fifth and eleventh incarnations. Ian traveled alongside future wife Barbara Wright, Susan Foreman and Vicki Pallister, as well as briefly meeting Steven Taylor.