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Fugitive of the Judoon

Stomping their way into present-day Gloucester, the Judoon are on the hunt for someone on the run. Who is this fugitive? And why are these alien mercenaries after them?


The Judoon descend upon Gloucester, putting the city on lockdown with a force field as they search for a fugitive. They are about to attack the apartment of Lee and Ruth Clayton, but the Doctor is able to intervene and stall the attack to question the couple. Meanwhile, Graham is transported to a stolen spaceship piloted by Captain Jack Harkness, who mistakes Graham for the Doctor. Discovering a small alien box in the Claytons’ apartment, the Doctor presses them to tell her the truth, but Lee refuses. As the others escape, Lee surrenders himself to the Judoon and is killed by Gat, the person who contracted the Judoon to hunt the fugitive. Ryan and Yaz are also transported to Harkness’s ship, which is being attacked by those whom he stole it from.

The Doctor and Ruth escape to Gloucester Cathedral but are soon surrounded by Judoon. Out of an uncontrollable instinct, Ruth subdues the Judoon and forces them to leave. Ruth afterwards is unable to explain her actions, feeling out of control of her own body when she attacked the Judoon. A text sent from Lee triggers a memory of Ruth’s which leads them to a lighthouse where she grew up. Unable to teleport the Doctor due to the Judoon’s force field, Harkness gives the companions a message from the future: to beware of the lone Cyberman and to not give it what it wants. He is forced to teleport due to the ship’s anti-theft attack system; the companions are transported back to Gloucester.

Travelling to the lighthouse, the Doctor investigates outside while Ruth finds an alarm box. Ruth breaks its glass and is engulfed in energy, while the Doctor discovers a TARDIS buried outside. Ruth appears, revealing her true identity as a version of the Doctor. In her TARDIS, whose interior differs from the Doctor’s, the Doctor and Ruth discover that neither one of them remembers being the other, even though the sonic screwdriver reads them as being the same person. Ruth explains that she had once worked for Gat, and had hidden from Gat with a chameleon arch with Lee as her protector. The TARDIS is brought aboard the Judoon ship where Gat confronts Ruth. Against Ruth’s demands, the Doctor reveals her identity. Gat was ordered to bring Ruth back to Gallifrey, meaning that for them, Gallifrey still stands and the Doctor deduces that they must both be from the Doctor’s past. The Doctor shows Gat a vision of the destroyed Gallifrey she saw. In disbelief and shock, Gat shoots at Ruth but the gun backfires, killing Gat. Ruth returns the Doctor to Gloucester and they part ways. The companions meet back up with the Doctor and relay Harkness’s message to her. Confused at what the recent events—the Master, Harkness, and Ruth—all mean, the Doctor senses something is coming for her.