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Mike Yates

Captain Michael Alexander Raymond Yates (commonly known as Mike Yates) worked alongside Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart,Sgt Benton and the Third Doctor in UNIT. Years later, he also had a series of adventures with the Fourth Doctor and Mrs. Wibbsey.


Early Life
In his childhood, Yates attended prep school before being sent to public school and joining the British Army. (AUDIO: The Rings of Ikiria)

Yates had three brothers, and his mother thought he was the most sensitive. (PROSE: Deep Blue) Yates also had a sister. (AUDIO: Starfall)

Two conflicting accounts exist depicting Yates’s early UNIT career:

According to one account, Yates began as an enlisted man in UNIT. When he first met the Doctor, then in his third incarnation, Yates had just come off of what he called “clean-up duty”. He also came to see UNIT as cash-strapped. The Brigadier took Yates into his confidence and admitted neither the UN nor the UK government would give UNIT enough money for additional officers. He was forced to ask that Yates and Benton shoulder more responsibility than would typically be required of non-commissioned officers. (PROSE: The Eye of the Giant) Yates was promoted to a captain at the end of an adventure involving the Glasshouse and the Silurians. (PROSE: The Scales of Injustice)

According to another account, Yates first encountered the Doctor in his Eighth incarnation, as well as Charley Pollard, when he was a local military lieutenant serving at a RAF base, where they were trying to get rid of a time roach. (AUDIO: Foreshadowing) Soon after that, he was temporarily enlisted by Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart to help him and the Third Doctor investigate the disappearance of two RAF fighter jets in the area. Subsequently, he was invited into UNIT on a permanent basis and promoted to captain. (AUDIO: Vengeance of the Stones)

During the Doctor’s early exile on Earth, Yates was tasked with combing the British countryside for signs of Auton and Silurian debris. The Brigadier assigned him to headquarters duty around the time of the investigation in the South Pacific that led UNIT into an encounter with Brokk. He established a good working relationship with Dr Liz Shaw and formed a fast friendship with Sergeant Benton. Yates was cool under fire, efficient, and both gave and carried out orders with a minimum of fuss. Despite his somewhat aristocratic demeanor, he had a good rapport with his men, although he did remind Benton on occasion that “rank has its privileges”. (TV: Day of the Daleks) He was attracted to the Doctor’s assistant Jo Grant. (TV: The Curse of Peladon) He accompanied the two of them to the planet Karfel. On the way, they stopped on the planet Nooma. He was killed and resurrected as one of the Dead. The Doctor was able to restore him to his original body before they left. (PROSE: Speed of Flight)

A photograph existed in UNIT’s Black Archive showing Yates next to Sara Kingdom, indicating a meeting between the two at some point during Yates’ UNIT career. (TV: The Day of the Doctor)

The chain of events leading to Yates’s retirement from UNIT started when, while working undercover at Global Chemicals, he was hypnotized by the computer BOSS. Mike was given a command to kill the Doctor, and pointed a gun at him inside the Nuthutch. Lethbridge-Stewart entered the room as Mike prepared to shoot, but Mike hesitantly ordered him to stay back, still trying on some level to avoid murder. Having ventured to Metebelis III, the Doctor used the Metebelis crystal he obtained there to break the mind control. Mike’s mind locked on to the crystalline patterns and it wiped clean the conditioning placed on his neural pathways, but the resulting nervous pain from erasing the control rendered him unconscious. After being forced to turn a weapon on a friend and colleague, Yates was devastated. The terrible event had a lasting impact on Mike’s resolve as a captain and a human being. (TV: The Green Death)

After this incident, Mike went on leave. (AUDIO: Council of War) As a result of the hypnotism, he began suffering from bouts of depression, prompting him to undergo a course of pathological assessment and take some compassionate leave. After returning to duty, he helped the Fifth Doctor defeat the Xaranti. (PROSE: Deep Blue)

Yates’ brush with ecological disaster apparently made him very concerned about the future of the planet. He was easily recruited by Sir Charles Groverinto the secret Operation Golden Age project, which would have reverted the whole of Earth to prehistoric times. The conspiracy was thwarted by the Doctor. In return for his past service to UNIT, the Brigadier allowed Yates to take medical leave and quietly resign. (TV: Invasion of the Dinosaurs)

After UNIT
Mike later decided to go to a Buddhist meditation center to find solace. Here, he uncovered strange events, which he reported to Sarah Jane Smith, since he felt that UNIT would consider him untrustworthy. Sarah communicated this to the Doctor. Through it all, the Doctor still considered him an ally. (TV:Planet of the Spiders)

He briefly met the Fourth Doctor at the Brigadier’s Christmas party. (AUDIO:The Stuff of Nightmares)

In 1976, he helped the Seventh Doctor defeat the Vardans. (PROSE: No Future)

In 2009 Mike Yates was running an ecology project in San Francisco with Brendan Richards. He was invited to Sarah Jane Smith’s aborted wedding with Peter Dalton, but couldn’t make it in time. (PROSE:The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith)

In 2010, Yates was apparently living with a man named Tom. He discussed Benton in polari withAlexander Shuttleworth, a gay man. (PROSE: Happy Endings)


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