Nightvisiting is the third episode in the first series of Class. The episode features the first appearance of Tanya’s father. It was broadcast on BBC Three on October 29, 2016 in the UK.


The episode opens on a montage of flashbacks, featuring Tanya’s father and how her parents met, her birth, memories with her brothers, ending in scenes depicting the day he died. After the montage, we see Tanya, today, two years later, getting ready to go with her family to the grave of her father. That night, during a what seems to be a movie night with her brothers, she gets up and goes to her room. Upon entering her room and sitting on her bed, she looks toward her window to see her father sitting in front of it. He insists class-episode-3-1that it is really him and that he has missed her. We then see that there is a strange alien vein of some kind attached to his back, and leading into the breach at Coal Hill Academy.

Next, we see Matteusz at the door to the house in which Quill and Charlie are staying. Miss Quill answers, asking if it is teen angst or alien invasion. When he answers “teen angst”, she lets him in, where he heads to Charlie’s room and explains that he has been kicked out of his house, at which point, we see a vein of the creature heading to the door.

Ram is trying to get hold of Tanya for video tutoring and is unable to do so. Instead, he contacts April to find out if she understood the homework. As they bicker about different things, a vein enters Ram’s room, and takes the form of Rachel, his dead girlfriend. He runs out of his room and April closes the lid to her laptop.

Charlie and Matteusz discuss his living situation and their relationship. Meanwhile, Quill hears a knock on the door. After answering to no one, she returns to the living room to see a woman sitting near the window. The woman says she is the human form of her sister, and reveals Quill’s true name, Andrath. At the same time, Tanya’s “father” and Quill’s “sister” reveal that the creature that is speaking to them is called the Lankin and it feeds on the souls of races, and helps them to be together, in an attempt to get them to touch their hand, allowing the Lankin to take their souls.

Meanwhile, Ram and April meet on the streets, trying to find out what is happening. They watch as people are covered in the Lankin’s class-1-3-3-night-visiting-explainedtentacles or ripped back toward the main tentacle. At one point, in the midst of bickering about being sensible all of the time, April reveals to Ram that she has to be because life isn’t sensible. She explains that, when she was a child, her father tried to kill himself by driving off of the motorway. She and her mother were both in the car at the time, which is how her mother was paralyzed. Her father survived as well, and was imprisoned for attempted manslaughter. She uses sensibility as a defense mechanism to keep herself sane in the middle of the insanity of her life. After this explanation, they begin to connect with one another, leading them into a kiss before they realize that the main tentacle is going into Tanya’s home and they head in that direction.

Meanwhile, back in Charlie’s home, he and Matteusz discuss love and sex. The Lankin tempts Quill with a gun as Charlie and Matteusz head downstairs. Once Quill deduces that Charlie’s life is legitimately in danger, she is able to do something to stop it. After pinning her “sister” to the ground, it is revealed that the Lankin feeds on grief and that it is targeting a being with more grief than they can imagine. They deduce that this will be Tanya, since it is the anniversary of her father’s death, and they head out to help her.

Class - Ep3While they head to Tanya’s flat, Ram and April arrive, and walk in to find her brothers and mother covered in the tentacles of the Lankin. They enter Tanya’s room and try to talk her down from touching the creature.
The Lankin throws them down to the ground and begin to cover them in tentacles as well. Meanwhile, Charlie, Quill, and Matteusz arrive in the street and begin trying to cut the main Lankin tentacle. Inside, Tanya appears to be making a deal with the Lankin to take her and free her friends and family. The Lankin agrees and Tanya goes to touch it. As she does, the Lankin screams in pain, revealing that anger weakens it and Tanya says that she has only channeled her anger toward her father for leaving into the Lankin. This angers the Lankin and the image of her father begins to lung at her. At this time, Quill drives around the corner in a bus, running over the Lankin tentacle and pulling it out of Tanya’s window, severing the main tentacle. This causes the Lankin to retreat back into the rift, causing it to close.

After the rift closes again, it is discovered that no one else in London has any recollection of what had happened there. Quill seems to be hurt by the fact that she is not part of the group and the celebrations, and returns home, seemingly to create a new gun for herself.


Ram Singh
Miss Quill
Matteusz Andrzejewski