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The Return of Doctor Mysterio

The return of Doctor Mysterio is the 2016 Christmas special, written by Steven Moffat. It stars Justin Chatwin as The Ghost, and follows the story of a quirky superhero and brains with eyes. Nardole is back as the companion in the episode.


As the story opens, we flash back to Christmas Eve. A young grant is awoken by The Doctor swinging on a rope, by his ankles, outside his 60th story window. When The Doctor asks if he can come in, Grant goes to ask his mom. He lets him in, saying that he was expected, assuming he was Santa. The Doctor takes Grant with him on the roof and shows him a machine he is working on. He hands him a gemstone to hold, and a glass of water because he is coughing. The Doctor allows Grant to flip the switches and tells him to place the gemstone into the machine, explaining that there are only 4 left in the universe and that it is a sort of sentient onboard computer, forged from a Red Dwarf star. Grant has swallowed it, thinking it was medicine for his cold. The stone merges with his DNA, giving him super powers.

At Harmony Shoal, Mr. Brock is holding a press conference where Lucy Fletcher is asking about the sources of funding for the company. Brock dismisses the questions and ends the conference. Nardole asks for the “little boys’ room” and disappears. After the reporters leave, Dr. Sim stops Mr. Brock to discuss a problem in the lab. Brock tells him to meet him in the lab at midnight.

Adult Grant is woken by a baby crying in the other room. He gets up to sooth her and we see that he is the nanny.

That night, Lucy sneaks into the basement of Harmony Shoal, disguised as a cleaning lady. She watches from around a corner as Dr. Sim reveals that the brains in the lab are alien lifeforms that replace the brains of people with a singular, central nervous system. He traps Brock in the lab to convert him. Lucy turns to see The Doctor, eating sushi (he had to bring a snack…). After Sim walks away, they head into the main area of the building. The Doctor explains that there are facilities all over the world in capitol cities (except New York, Nardole points out.) Dr. Sim catches them and threatens to kill them. At this point, The Ghost shows up, breaking the window and stopping Sim. (It is against his personal code to cause lasting harm to any individual)

The Ghost takes Lucy home. A baby monitor chimes and he disappears. He reappears as Grant inside the apartment, going to pick up the baby. The Doctor and Nardole are already in the apartment. They discuss the fact that Grant had promised to never use his powers and that his life is too complicated until Lucy enters the apartment. Grant is working as the nanny of Lucy’s baby.

We find out that Grant has been in love with Lucy since school and that she had married one of his friends. His friend ran off after the baby was born and Grant stepped in as nanny to help with the baby.

Lucy brings The Doctor inside to grill him about the brains. He explains that they are alien lifeforms that are working on a plot to conquer Earth. She is not surprised and begins to ask about who The Ghost is. After saving two children from a fire, Grant appears in the kitchen. The Doctor goes with Lucy to check on the baby after she leaves and Grant flies off to save someone again. She asks him to help her get an interview with The Ghost. When he declines, Grant calls Lucy using The Ghost’s voice, setting up an interview. Grant notices that The Doctor seems to be upset about something, asking if he is okay.

The Doctor is at Harmony Shoal, offering mercy to them. he explains that many races have tried to invade Earth and they are all thwarted by himself. He offers to let them go, if they leave quietly. They refuse. He calls the TARDIS, which materializes around him.

Inside the TARDIS, Nardole waits for The Doctor, dressed in foreign garb. He makes a statement about ruling wisely but firmly. They discuss the fact that The Doctor reassembled Nardole because he was lonely and wanted company. Nardole is offended when The Doctor refuses to talk about what is bothering him.

Grant walks into the baby’s room to see Lucy ready for her date. he mentions that she usually wears the “little red dress” on a date and she tells him it is only an interview as she leaves the room. Lucy walks up to the roof to meet The Ghost, wearing the little red dress.

The TARDIS materializes at the Tokyo office of Harmony Shoal. The Doctor has created a distraction by flooding the lobby with Pokemon. As the employees rush to the lobby, he sits at a computer and begins looking for information.

On the apartment building rooftop, The Ghost and Lucy discuss different topics. When the subject turns to her baby and Grant, she becomes defensive, saying that there is nothing wrong with a male nanny. She is surprised by how defensive she is getting over Grant. As she turns away, realizing that she has feelings for Grant, he takes his mask off and tries to turn her around. She passes by him without looking, sits at the table, and puts her head in her hand. She says she feels bad for never noticing him before and that he has, probably, never lied to her. When he hears this, Grant puts his mask back on.

Back at Harmony Shoal, Sim and Brock discuss the plan and decide to call the surgeons to convert The Ghost. Meanwhile, The Doctor and Nardole arrive on the ship that is orbiting Earth. They discover that the ship is designed to be a giant bomb. As the surgeons and Brock arrive at Lucy’s apartment building, they threaten to kill Lucy if Grant does not agree to be converted. As this happens, The Doctor, having sent the ship plummeting to Earth, contacts Grant using frequencies that only he can hear. He tells him about the ship and says that he needs The Ghost to stop the ship from hitting the ground and destroying New York. Grant apologizes to Lucy and tells her to get down. He catches the ship, revealing that he is The Ghost. Lucy admits her feelings to him and they fly off, taking the ship with them to throw into the sun.

The Doctor tells Brock that his plan has been thwarted and that UNIT is on its way to shut down their offices. He heads downstairs to take care of the baby.

Later that night, The Doctor visits with Grant and Lucy in the kitchen of her apartment. The Doctor tells Grant that he can put away The Ghost because he has been gone for a while but is back, and can handle saving the world. Lucy asks why he seems so upset, insisting that it is because of a woman. The Doctor refuses to talk about it and leaves the room, telling Nardole that it is time to go. After he leaves, Nardole explains that The Doctor is upset over the loss of River Song. They spent 24 years together and she died. After explaining this, Nardole leaves the room as well. The Doctor, looking morose and angry, prepares to take off, slamming the lever, looking determined.

Unit is searching and shutting down the Harmony Shoal facility. They mention Osgood as a soldier turns around with a scar on his face, having been converted by the brains…


The Twelfth Doctor
Grant/The Ghost