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Rhys_Williams_(Torchwood)Rhys Alun Williams was Gwen Cooper’s husband. Although originally he did not believe in the existence of aliens nor know his partner worked for Torchwood, he came to accept both facts and become himself an associate of Torchwood Three. However, he was reluctant to let Gwen continue in the work, more so after their daughter was born.


In common with most of Earth’s population, Rhys initially believed that alien interference with Earth in the 2000s was mass hallucinations induced by terrorists putting psychotropic drugs in the water supply. When Gwen put this theory to Jack he called Rhys stupid. (Everything Changes)

Rhys was easy going, amiable and straightforward. He had a cheeky sense of humor and little modesty, such as when he was seen naked by a complete stranger. (Out of Time) He knew how to charm Gwen out of her moods. He would joke with Gwen about her “Secret Squirrel” job. However, his relationship with Gwen began to fall apart and a note of anger and suspicion began to emerge. (Combat) He appeared to come to terms with things, and later was quite capable of mixing talk about buying a house and Torchwood business with ease. (Children of Earth: Day 1)


Series 1:
Everything Changes
Day One
Ghost Machine
Small Worlds
Out of Time
End of Days

Series 2:
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
Dead Man Walking
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