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Rigsy” was the self-appointed pseudonym of a graffiti artist from Bristol, whose criminal activity saw him sentenced to community service. He helped Clara Oswald fight the Boneless. Rigsy’s aunt was one of many people in Bristol who had been experimented upon by the Boneless. Rigsy attempted a self-sacrifice to ram an empty subway commuter train into them, which needed a person to hold the dead man’s lever in place so it would remain in operation. Clara, however, used a headband to restrain the lever instead and let the train run with nobody inside, saving Rigsy from an unnecessary demise. Rigsy later used his artistic skills to create a fake door, which tricked the Boneless into charging the TARDIS because the door never existed in 3D, and the Boneless tried making his art 3D.

Clara gave him the TARDIS phone number to use for emergencies. Rigsy later used this number and called Clara, telling her that a tattoo had appeared on his back and was counting down. On the trail of the person who placed the tattoo on Rigsy’s neck, the Doctor started a search for a ‘trap street’, a hidden street harboring alien refugees in the heart of London. The trio eventually found the street, and the community’s Mayor, Ashildr, who had been forced to place the tattoo on Rigsy’s neck as punishment for murder that he didn’t remember committing.

The tattoo was a chronolock, a countdown to Rigsy’s death by Quantum Shade, a powerful creature that had taken the form of a raven that Ashildr used to keep order. Anyone who broke the rules of the secret trap street would be forced to face the raven.

Whilst the Doctor set about proving Rigsy’s innocence, Clara, moved by the thought that Rigsy’s new baby Lucy might grow up without a father, offered to take the chronolock from him as a means of insuring no one would die should their hunt for the killer fail. To Rigsy’s horror, although the ‘murder’ was proved to be an elaborate trap laid by Ashildr for the Doctor, there was no way to cheat the death promised to the raven and Clara had to die. With the Doctor teleported away, it was left to Rigsy to commemorate Clara’s death by painting a mural in her memory on the side of the forgotten TARDIS. (Face the Raven)


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Face the Raven