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Rose Tyler

Rose Tyler, knighted Dame Rose of the Powell Estate, (TV:Tooth and Claw) was the first companion of the Ninth Doctor.

When the Doctor first met her, Rose was a nineteen-year-old living on a London council estate who had left school with little educational achievement. Emotionally shaped by living with a single mother and stories about a father whom she never knew, Rose seemed destined for a life as a retail worker.

Instead, the Doctor blew up her workplace and they began travelling together soon afterwards. Without trying, she helped the Doctor work through some of the pain he had as the sole survivor of the Last Great Time War. Indeed, when she met the Doctor, she was the girlfriend of Mickey Smith, but that relationship immediately began to decay after she started travelling in the TARDIS. As Mickey himself noted, she transferred her romantic attention to the Doctor.

A major facet of her travels in the TARDIS was the fact that she had caused a temporal paradox by which she was the reason she became the so-called “Bad Wolf”. Leaving herself a trail of clues throughout history, she was able to recognize, when all her hope had evaporated, that she needed to find her way back to the Doctor — even though he had abandoned her and the TARDIS together. Unable to actually fly the time machine, she was forced to simply stare into its heart, which enfolded her in time vortex energy and turned her into a new and seemingly omnipotent being that could rescue the Doctor. But it also nearly killed her. Only the Ninth Doctor could absorb the time vortex energy and transfer it back to the TARDIS — a traumatic act that naturally triggered regeneration. She thus became one of only three companions — along with Peri Brown and Wilfred Mott — to be the proximate cause of the Doctor’s regeneration.

Forced to stop travelling with the Tenth Doctor because she was literally pulled into a different universe, she spent years trying to find a way back to the Doctor. Although she found one, the Doctor explained that she had to remain in her new universe with her mother, brother, that universe’s Pete Tyler and, for a time, Mickey. Ultimately, her wish was fulfilled when a human Tenth Doctor came to reside there with her.


Directly after losing Rose, The Doctor built a shrine to her in the TARDIS as he became a recluse. He also decided to name his new Cat after her. (COMIC: A Rose by Any Other Name)

When the Doctor discovered what the Manus Maleficus was capable of doing, he was momentarily tempted to use it to tear down the barriers between worlds so he could see Rose again. (COMIC: The Crimson Hand)

When the Tenth Doctor was dying and on his reunion tour, he visited Rose last out of every companion he had ever had, going back to before she even met him. The Doctor intended for her to never know he was there, but groaned in pain and she noticed. Rose thought the Doctor was just a drunk and after telling him the date, he tearfully told her she’d have a great year. She then left and along with Ood Sigma was the last person his tenth self saw before regenerating. (TV:The End of Time)

The Doctor remembered Rose and felt guilty about what he had done to her, well into his eleventh incarnation. (TV: Let’s Kill Hitler). While offering Dorium Maldovar examples of how “time is not the boss of me,” this Doctor briefly mentioned the thought of helping Rose with her homework as a child, before they ever met. (TV: The Wedding of River Song)

The physical form of Rose Tyler was used as a telepathic interface by the Moment as a means to comfortably communicate with the War Doctor on the final day of the Time War, attempting to persuade him against activating the weapon to destroy Gallifrey. Rose Tyler’s image was chosen for her future significance to the Doctor as the Moment recognized companions from both Doctor’s past and future. The Moment was also aware of her experience as the Bad Wolf entity. (TV: The Day of the Doctor)

Alice O’Donnell, a native of the year 2119, knew of Rose among other companions of the Doctor due to having worked in military intelligence which made her familiar with UNIT as well as being a follower of the Doctor’s exploits. When the Twelfth Doctor took her back to 1980 via the TARDIS, O’Donnell voiced her doubt that Rose would have vomited following her first trip as her colleague Mason Bennett had done. (TV: Before the Flood)



Rose was a resourceful, brave, sweet and kind-hearted girl. According to the Ninth Doctor, she was able to ask the right questions when the Fourth Great and Bountiful Human Empire’s technology and culture seemed wrong. (TV: The Long Game) She was quick to adapt to strange events. When she traveled back to the 1980s when she was just a baby, her father recognized her mother’s acerbic wit. (TV: Father’s Day) She was not only brilliant, but also very observant, and often noticed things the Doctor did not. (TV: The Idiot’s Lantern, Fear Her)

Rose fell easily into the role of the Doctor’s companion and was brave facing various alien threats. (TV:Rose) She occasionally screamed when under attack by large creatures like the Slitheen and the Reapers, (TV: World War Three, Father’s Day) but was also brave when facing psychological threats like a Dalek. (TV: Dalek) She cared deeply about the Doctor, although she originally denied any romantic feelings towards him despite indications to the contrary. (TV: The End of the World, Aliens of London) However her feelings for him grew quickly and significantly (TV: Dalek, The Doctor Dances, The Idiot’s Lantern, The Impossible Planet, Fear Her) In what seemed their final meeting on the beach, she admitted to the Doctor that she loved him; he began to reply, but only got out the words, “Rose Tyler”, before he was cut off. (TV:Doomsday)

Rose proved capable of great forgiveness and mercy, willing to forgive individuals like Lady Cassandra and the Dalek in Van Statten’s collection even after they’d murdered. (TV: Dalek, New Earth) She also admitted when world-threatening situations ended up being her fault and was willing to apologize. (TV:Dalek, Father’s Day) She was also easily willing to kill if she had to. (TV: The Parting of the Ways, The Satan Pit, The Stolen Earth)

Rose was willing to call the Doctor out if she thought he was wrong. When the Doctor brushed aside the danger that Jackie was in when faced with a Slitheen, Rose reminded him the woman he was discussing was her mother. (TV: World War Three) She was horrified the Doctor would allow the Gelth to use human corpses as a vessel for their consciousness. The Doctor’s failure to listen to Rose’s human plea of respect for their dead led to at least two deaths when the Gelth proved to be malicious. (TV: The Unquiet Dead)

Rose had a jealous streak when it came to the Doctor. She and the Doctor’s former companion, Sarah Jane Smith, traded barbs over who was the “best companion” but they became good friends afterwards, and happily greeted each other at their reunion on the Crucible. (TV: School Reunion, Journey’s End) When Martha said she couldn’t reach the Doctor on her phone, the reaction of Rose was, “I was here first”, despite knowing the Doctor had had companions before her. (TV: The Stolen Earth) She was also prone to acting very selfishly a number of times, being more focused on her own personal desires than the feelings of others around her, or the possible consequences that her self-serving actions would have. (TV: Father’s Day, The Parting of the Ways, Rise of the Cybermen)


The Doctor twice states that Rose is nineteen years old and Rose refers to her years before meeting the Doctor as “the first nineteen years of her life”. It is later established she left with the Doctor on 6 March 2005.

Growing a TARDIS

The original script of the Bad Wolf Bay scene in Journey’s End contained an excerpt in which the Tenth Doctor gave the Meta-Crisis Tenth Doctor and Rose a piece of TARDIS coral, and Donna told them how to increase the rate of growth so that they could travel the stars in the parallel universe. “The Doctor in the TARDIS with Rose Tyler, just as it should be”. This scene was removed in the final cut for complicating the scene too much. It was, however, mentioned in The Doctor’s Data section of Doctor Who Adventures magazine, and in DWM 398. Russell T Davies states that it is fine to assume this part of the scene did actually occur.


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