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Sarah Jane Smith

Sarah Jane Smith was an investigative journalist who traveled with the Doctor in his third and fourth incarnations. She reunited with him in his tenth incarnation and had adventures with him and his eleventh incarnation. Sarah Jane met nine of the Doctor’s incarnations in total: those already mentioned and the First,Second, Fifth, Seventh, and Eighth. Due to her experiences with the Doctor, she was entrusted with the task of protecting Earth from hostile extraterrestrials and helping peaceful aliens. She shared these adventures with her young companions/surrogate family.


Early Life
Sarah Jane Smith was born in May 1951 in the village of Foxgrove (TV: The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith) under the astrological sign of Taurus. (TV: Secrets of the Stars) On 18 August 1951 her parents, Barbara and Eddie Smith, abandoned her in her pram and drove off in their car to protect the world from the Trickster. The Trickster had nearly tricked the adult version of Sarah Jane into allowing him to manifest and then conquer Earth. A few minutes later on a country lane, Eddie and Barbara collided with a tractor and were killed. Sarah Jane was raised by her aunt, Lavinia Smith, a virologist. (TV: The Temptation of Sarah Jane Smith) She may have been close to her uncle, Africana. (PROSE: The Curse of Kanbo-Ala)

Young Sarah Jane developed a fear of clowns because of an old clown puppet that had belonged to her Aunt Lavinia.(TV: The Day of the Clown) When Sarah Jane was five years old, (PROSE:The Day of the Clown) it hung in her bedroom and stared down at her as she slept. It seemed to move in thunderstorms. Later in her life, Sarah Jane learned it had been manipulated by the Pied Piper to induce coulrophobia in her for their future encounter. This fear stayed with her for most of her life. (TV:The Day of the Clown)

When Sarah Jane was about eight years old she lived in Wolfenden together with her Aunt Lavinia. There she also got to know the scientist Eddison Clough, who was a good friend of Lavinia. However, the alien Mrs Hendrick stole Sarah Jane’s and Lavinia’s memories. Sarah Jane did not remember that she had been in Wolfenden. She did not even recognize that some of her memories were missing until Eddison wrote her a letter and explained to her that he had found several pictures of Lavinia, Sarah Jane and himself in Wolfenden. Eddison has lost his memories of Sarah Jane, Lavinia and Wolfenden as well. Even though Sarah Jane never regained her memories, she saw several photos of her and Lavina’s time in Wolfenden from Eddison. One of them shows Lavinia and Eddison Clough, another one shows Sarah Jane and Lavinia. (AUDIO: The White Wolf)

In November 1963, Sarah Jane went on a day trip to London with her aunt. While Lavinia was buying sweets for her, Sarah Jane explored a junkyard and saw a police box there. After returning to her aunt, they walked by the junkyard and she caught a glimpse of a young girl entering it. (PROSE: Playtime)

In 1964 Sarah Jane had already decided to become an explorer, a famous scientist or a journalist. She wanted to explore the world. She wanted to see everything there was to see and more. Her best friend Andrea Yates told her that women couldn’t become journalists but Sarah Jane believed that the world was going to change and that soon women could do anything that men could. Sarah Jane was a good student. She got top marks in every class. Sarah Jane thought she was such a good student because she kept reading books like An Unexpurgated History of the Universe. (PROSE: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?)

On 13 July 1964, Sarah Jane was on a school outing with Andrea Yates. Andrea slipped off a pier to her death. The Trickster later altered this event to create a timeline in which Sarah Jane died rather than Andrea. Many years later, this doomed the planet Earth. In the normal timeline, the event changed Sarah, impressing on her the importance of life. She never forgot Andrea. She also met one of her future companions, Maria Jackson, due to Krislok’s blunder and was given a vague warning about Andrea’s death before being taken hostage again. Memories of this may have been why Sarah Jane later gave Maria the Puzzle box. (TV: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?) Sarah fenced for her school team. (PROSE: Housewarming) She had two childhood friends called Billy and Julie. (PROSE: Managra) In 1971, Sarah visited the Sistine Chapel on a tour. (PROSE: Managra)

When Sarah Jane was a little older than eighteen, she was studying at university. One day she was sitting at a large lecture hall listening to her favorite professor Edward Sheppard. Professor Sheppard talked about his favorite subject: the power of the press. He asked the young Sarah Jane what she would do if she found out something that was a threat to national security. Sarah Jane replied that she would publish the story, as a good journalist always had to reveal the truth. She said she would not care about the consequences. Sheppard replied that it might put a spy and his family in danger. He asked her if she would still publish the story if it would put innocent lives at risk. Sarah Jane replied that she had to think about that. Sheppard said that he sincerely hoped so. (AUDIO: Judgement Day)

Sarah began doorstepping when she was nineteen years old. (TV: Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith) When she began in journalism, her editor was Lionel Carson. He had romantic feelings for her that she did not reciprocate; despite this, Sarah Jane remained fond of him. (TV: The Man Who Never Was) At some point in her early career, Sarah was mentored by James Stevens. (PROSE: Who Killed Kennedy)

Five years prior to meeting the Doctor and UNIT, Sarah was in a relationship with a Royal Navy officer named Sammy Brooks, who had red-gold hair. They split when he was given command of the Cuffley. (PROSE: Island of Death)

Meeting the Doctor
While working for Metropolitan magazine, Sarah posed as her aunt (who was away in the United States at the time), an accomplished virologist, to infiltrate a UNIT-controlled facility where scientists had gone missing. She met Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and UNIT’s unpaid scientific adviser, the Third Doctor, who was also using an alias- the name “John Smith”. The Doctor quickly cut down her fake identity and sparked her willingness to take initiative and impress him. Once Professor Rubeish disappeared, she peered inside the Doctor’s police box, which he claimed housed his equipment, hoping to find him hiding inside. Instead, she was stunned to discover that it was bigger on the inside. When the Doctor piloted his ship into the past, Sarah Jane had no choice but to stow away in his TARDIS. The Doctor was displeased by her intrusion but quickly took a liking to Sarah when she displayed how crafty, cunning, and resourceful she could be. The Doctor warmed up to Sarah and brought her back to Earth safely. (TV: The Time Warrior) She was roughly twenty-three at this time, by her own account. (TV: Invasion of the Dinosaurs)

After the TARDIS
In 1978, the Doctor sent a crate to Sarah Jane, in care of her Aunt Lavinia on Hill View Road, in South Croydon. Sarah Jane had already moved out by that time and was travelling extensively, “never in one place long enough to lick a stamp,” as Lavinia put it. Lavinia herself left the following year, and took the crate with the rest of her furnishings to the manor house she had purchased in Moreton Harwood, Gloucestershire, where it stayed in the attic for another two years.

On 18 December 1981, Sarah Jane arrived for Christmas at Lavina’s new home, only to find that Lavinia had left early for her American lecture tour, leaving Sarah Jane and Lavinia’s new ward, Brendan Richards, to celebrate the holidays without her. The pair promptly opened the crate to discover K9 Mark III who explained that he was a gift from the Doctor, prompting Sarah to happily remark that he didn’t forget. With the help of K9 and Brendan, Sarah Jane uncovered and stopped Moreton Harwood’s murderous cult ofHecate. (TV: A Girl’s Best Friend)

After this happened, Sarah, Brendan, Lavinia and K9 continued to investigate and stop other cults and witchcraft covens present in Britain. (PROSE: Powerstone, The Shroud of Azaroth, Hound of Hell, The Monster of Loch Crag, Horror Hotel, The Curse of Kanbo-Ala)

After having a go at living in the Gloucestershire countryside (TV: A Girl’s Best Friend), Sarah Jane and K9 soon moved to a semi-detached house in Camberwell. (PROSE: Harry Sullivan’s War) Sarah Jane allowed K9 outdoors unattended, and their gate bore a “beware of dog” sign. (TV: The Five Doctors)

One morning, on her way out to catch a bus, circa 1983, Sarah Jane dismissed K9’s sense of danger and declined to either stay home or take him with her. She was quickly swept up by the Time Scoop which removed her to theDeath Zone on Gallifrey. There, she took part in the Games of Rassilon and reunited with the Doctor’s third incarnation. She met the First, Second, and Fifth Doctors (though she was confused as to who the Fifth Doctor was, which the Third Doctor promised to explain later), and introduced herself to Tegan Jovanka. Sarah also had a reunion with the Brigadier and briefly met Susan Foreman and Vislor Turlough. (TV: The Five Doctors) She did not appear to recognize Susan as the former teenager whom she had briefly seen at the junkyard twenty years earlier. (PROSE: Playtime)

In 1983, Lavinia Smith sent Sarah and K9 to Egypt, where they investigated an incursion by Silurians. (COMIC: City of Devils)

Shortly after this, while investigating a story about the anti-bio weapons brigade in 1983, Sarah Jane helped Harry Sullivan to clear his name and stop an anarchist revolution. (PROSE: Harry Sullivan’s War)

One account claimed that, following the Cyberman invasion, (TV: The Tenth Planet) Sarah Jane, as UNIT’s official chronicler, phrased it as “the Aladdin’s Lamp of applied technology,” and wrote of it: “At one and the same time, the Cyberman invasion was both the greatest disaster and most astonishing blessing ever to have happened to the human race,” since humans were able to salvage the abandoned Cyberships and make advances in space travel. (PROSE: The Power of the Daleks)

In 1987 Sarah Jane made an article about Francis Augur for the Metropolitan magazine. She later said that this wasn’t one of her best works. She spent too much time exploring his passion for protecting the environment rather than focusing on his work as a doctor. In 2008 she met Francis Augur again. (AUDIO:The Glittering Storm)

By one account, Sarah Jane accompanied the Doctor’s seventh incarnation to a jazz concert in the Royal Albert Hall and defeated an invasion of Earth by rogue members of the insectoid Kalik species. (COMIC: Train-Flight)

In the early 1990s, Sarah Jane, K9 and Mike Yates investigated a supposedly haunted house, and foiled a plot by the Master to kill the Doctor. (PROSE:Housewarming)

In 1995, Sarah Jane worked with the Brigadier to defeat the Great Intelligence, which had possessed Victoria Waterfield, another of the Second Doctor’s companions. (HOMEVID: Downtime)

In 1996, with the Doctor’s eighth incarnation’s companion, Sam Jones, she fought human rights abuses and met a potential future husband, Paul Morley. (PROSE: Christmas on a Rational Planet, PROSE: Interference – Book One,Interference – Book Two)

In 1997, she assisted the Doctor’s seventh incarnation against the Cortez Project in Hong Kong and died. (PROSE: Bullet Time) The Council of Eight had altered history by having Sarah die well before she should have done. Her death was undone by the Eighth Doctor’s eventual defeat of the Council. (PROSE:Sometime Never…)

After Brendan returned from the University of Cambridge, (PROSE: Housewarming) he assisted Sarah and K9 in investigating a supposedly demonic pig spirit. When K9 became possessed by this spirit, Sarah worked out a way of exorcising it by electrocuting K9, defeating it. (PROSE: The Sow in Rut)

K9 began slowly breaking down and Sarah Jane was not able to repair K9’s future technology. She did not show him to anyone else out of fear that revealing his technology could rewrite human history. Having essentially given up on being able to repair him, she relegated him to a cardboard box in her attic. (TV:School Reunion; PROSE: Moving On)

After K9 had completely broken down, Sarah began writing fiction based upon her adventures, and other companions she had met previously. (PROSE: Balloon Debate)

In 1998, Sarah was visited by her younger self, who was accompanied by the Fourth Doctor and Harry Sullivan. (PROSE: System Shock)

According to one account, by 1998 Sarah had married Paul Morley and taken his name. As “Sarah Jane Morley”, she addressed the Nobel Academy in 1998. (PROSE: Christmas on a Rational Planet) By several other accounts, Sarah Jane had never been married before she met Peter Dalton; she lamented that, after travelling with the Doctor, no other man was able to compare, and she had grown old alone. (TV: School Reunion, Invasion of the Bane, The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith)

Sarah Jane lost another family member in 1998 when her aunt, Lavinia Smith, died, (PROSE: Millennium Shock; TV: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith) and, sometime before this, Africana had passed away too. (PROSE: The Curse of Kanbo-Ala)

The New Millennium
Over the years, Sarah Jane had grown more pacifist, and she chose to help the Earth by quietly opposing those aliens hostile to it and welcoming those who would befriend it. Her philosophy of alien contact stood in contrast to UNIT and the Torchwood Institute, whom she believed tended go in “all guns blazing”. (TV: Invasion of the Bane, Journey’s End) Her inheritance from Aunt Lavinia afforded her considerable freedom and resources. (TV: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith)

She continued to work as an investigative reporter after her departure from Planet 3 and her aunt’s death. (AUDIO: Comeback) She was joined by fellow investigators Natalie Redfern and Josh Townsend. A conspiracy to destroy her career was initiated against her by her old enemy Hilda Winters, who intended to commit a vicious bio-terrorist attack and frame Sarah for it, but Sarah and her companions thwarted this. (AUDIO: Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre) During this period, Sarah Jane drove a red Volkswagen Beetle she called “Ethel,” until it was blown up by her enemies. (AUDIO: Comeback)

Four years later, Sarah had become tired and morose, knowing she couldn’t talk about her past with anyone and starting to think she’d imagined it. She also became involved in the machinations of the doomsday cult known as the Crimson Chapter of the Orbus Postramo, who believed in a four-hundred-year-old tome named the Book of Tomorrows, which claimed aliens would wipe out humanity in the year 2000 — and discovered that the tome made reference to her. (AUDIO: Buried Secrets) To her horror, she discovered the Chapter wanted to commit genocide so their prophecy would be fulfilled, and they believed she was the human herald of the alien apocalypse. While she prevented this, she was distraught to find out the Orbus Postramo and the Book of Tomorrows had been formed due to comments she’d made to Giuliano while travelling with the Doctor. (AUDIO: Fatal Consequences)

Following this and the discovery that her friend Josh was a cold-blooded killer for the rival White Chapter cult, she admitted she was lonely and wondered if the Doctor had left her on Earth for a specific task. Needing something to believe in again, she went on the world’s first commercial spaceflight, which would pass a comet that the White Chapter had said would bring salvation, only for the flight to be sabotaged by the last Crimson Chapter acolyte, killing Josh and leaving Sarah with failing life support and a vision of something she felt she’d been searching for. NASA intended a rescue mission to save her. (AUDIO:Dreamland)

At some time Sarah moved to 13 Bannerman Road in Ealing, and established her home office in the attic. There, she hung photos of Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Harry Sullivan, and herself with K9 Mark III. (TV:Invasion of the Bane) Also in the attic, she kept K9’s remains in a cardboard box. (TV: School Reunion;PROSE: Moving On) Among the residents of Bannerman Road, she was viewed as a quiet and unsociable neighbor. Kelsey Hooper, though likely exaggerating, described her as a “mad woman”. (TV: Invasion of the Bane)

A geologist friend gave Sarah Jane a crystal that had been expelled from Krakatoa. Soon, she discovered that the crystal — actually a Xylok — could communicate with her laptop; she followed its plans and built for it a supercomputer in her attic wall, into which the Xylok was integrated. The resulting sentient computer took the name Mr Smith, and provided her with access to countless databases, communications systems, and functioned as a research laboratory. (TV: The Lost Boy, Invasion of the Bane)

Sarah Jane and Bernice Summerfield at some point enjoyed a coffee together and shared memories of their times in the TARDIS. (PROSE: A Mutual Friend)

During Christmas 2006, Sarah witnessed the Sycorax invasion, in which she suspected the Doctor’s involvement. (TV: School Reunion)

Doctor Reunion
In 2007, Sarah Jane investigated strange goings-on at Deffry Vale High School. While investigating the school at night she crossed paths with substitute physics instructor “John Smith”. Later that night as she investigated the school, she entered a room and was shocked to see the familiar police box shape of the Doctor’s TARDIS. Exiting the room, she saw John Smith, who she correctly identified as the Doctor, now in his tenth incarnation. After a very brief catching up, he introduced her to his companion Rose Tyler and Rose’s boyfriend, Mickey Smith. In return, Sarah Jane led the Doctor outdoors and reunited him with the inoperative K9 Mark III. The pair reminisced at a coffee shop whilst the Doctor performed such repairs to K9 as he could, managing to restore basic functionality but with only limited power. Meanwhile, Rose felt threatened by Sarah Jane and jealous of the attention the Doctor paid to her. Working together the next day, their mutual animosity and competition got the better of them until Sarah Jane broke the tension by joking with Rose about the Doctor’s eccentricities and his quasi-romantic behavior toward the TARDIS, and they bonded.

Sarah Jane, K9, Rose, Mickey, and the Doctor foiled the Krillitanes’ attempts to crack the Skasis Paradigm using their mind-altering oil on the children. In the process, however, the newly reactivated K9 sacrificed his life by blowing up the school with the Krillitanes inside. Sarah Jane came to terms with her inability to move on with her life and left the Doctor’s company with resignation. She declined his offer to rejoin the TARDIS, but convinced the Doctor to take on Mickey Smith as a companion — “The TARDIS needs a Smith”. The TARDIS de-materialized to reveal K9 Mark IV, a rebuilt version of Mark III with “new omni-flexible hyperlink capabilities”. Sarah happily departed with the newest iteration of her beloved robot dog. (TV: School Reunion) At some point, she obtained a sonic lipstick. (TV: Invasion of the Bane)

K9’s unique abilities, however, forced their separation almost as soon as he arrived. He became involved in a long-term project to stabilize an artificial black hole. A space-time link in a safe in Sarah Jane’s attic allowed periodic contact between K9 and his mistress (TV: Invasion of the Bane) and brief teleportation of K9 back to the attic in emergencies. (TV: From Raxacoricofallapatorius With Love, Journey’s End, The Lost Boy, The Mad Woman in the Attic)

Sarah Jane found it refreshing to learn about other former companions of the Doctor and their post-companionship lives. In doing so, she learned that Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright had become professors at the University of Cambridge and had reportedly not aged since the 1960s; Ben Jackson and Polly Wright ran an orphanage in India; Harry Sullivan cured countless people with his vaccines before his death; Tegan Jovanka championed aboriginal rights in her native Australia; and “Dorothy…something”, had founded a philanthropy, A Charitable Earth, with which she raised millions of pounds. (TV: Death of the Doctor)


As a companion, Sarah Jane was confident, courageous, compassionate and inquisitive. She had a sharp mind and tongue. She was also something of a feminist; she was infuriated when the Third Doctor asked her to make coffee(TV: The Time Warrior) and she often sparred verbally with fellow companion Harry Sullivan over his old-fashioned and unintentionally patronizing attitude towards her. Her feminism was more practical than fanatical and did not get in the way of close friendships with Harry and the Doctor himself. She once said that she loved Harry very dearly. (TV: Death of the Doctor)

Sarah Jane shared a strong rapport with the Doctor. Her later life was shaped by her finding him a tough act to follow. She stopped short of saying she had fallen in love with him, though several of her exchanges with him after their reunion and the context of one of her conversations with Rose strongly implied she had developed deep feelings for him. (TV: School Reunion) However, her relationship with the Doctor was said to be more than a romance. (TV: Secrets of the Stars) Despite the passage of time, she maintained her can-do personality. After reuniting with the Doctor, she remained a close friend of his.

During her time defending Earth with her young friends, Sarah Jane was a motherly and excellent leader. She was very protective of her young allies and blamed herself when they got into trouble. (TV: Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith et al) This made her rather cold and secretive to strangers but her gang helped her open up to others. (TV: Invasion of the Bane, The Mad Woman in the Attic) She adored her young friends, considering them her family. (TV: The Lost Boy et al) She was essentially to them what the Doctor was to her: an older, wiser mentor.

Sarah Jane was extremely proud of Luke and loved him, calling him the most important thing in the universe. (TV: The Gift et al) When she met Jo Jones, they became very fond of each other. They hugged and even high-fived. (TV: Death of the Doctor) She didn’t think babies cute but rather rubbery. (TV: Sky) She considered the lives of homeless people to be the most alien of all and was saddened that many people did not know because they did not want to. (TV: The Curse of Clyde Langer)

Sarah Jane also loved K9 deeply, due to him being the nearest thing to a family she had for over 20 years, and was devastated at the prospects of losing him. (TV: School Reunion, The Nightmare Man) She also showed great compassion for Mr Smith, often treating him like a human rather than a computer. (TV: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith, Mona Lisa’s Revenge)

In contrast to her periodic and proficient use of firearms in her twenties, Sarah Jane grew fiercely opposed to violence and killing, and showed sympathy to her enemies like Martin Truman, the Slitheen-Blathereen and even Androvax, (TV: Secrets of the Stars, The Gift, The Vault of Secrets) as they simply did these things, not because they were bad, but because they were hurt or felt inferior. This went hand in hand with her strong mind. However, this pacifistic nature caused her enemies to frequently consider her naive, most notably Miss Myers and John Harrison. (TV: Sky, The Man Who Never Was) She grew to dislike the military, including UNIT and Torchwood, but remained a friend of the Brigadier and felt that her gang could not defeat a Sontaran or the Dark Hoard but knew UNIT could. (TV: The Last Sontaran,Enemy of the Bane, Goodbye, Sarah Jane Smith) She hated the Trickster, considering him to be the most malevolent enemy she had as he had tried using her friends and family against her to try manifesting. (TV: Sarah Jane’s Alien Files episode 1)

Rani once pointed out to the Tenth Doctor that Sarah Jane didn’t like being called just “Sarah”, though he replied, “She does by me”. (TV: The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith) Indeed, during her years travelling in the TARDIS, the Doctor, along with a few other individuals such as Harry and Mike Yates, referred to her many times simply as “Sarah”.

Despite her later dislike of violence, Sarah was an excellent shot with firearms (TV: Pyramids of Mars) and knew Venusian karate. (TV: A Girl’s Best Friend) She was resistant to hypnosis, even if it was more powerful alien technology rather than simple methods, (TV: The Man Who Never Was) due to having already been put through it several times in her youth while journeying with the Doctor. (TV: Planet of the Spiders, The Masque of Mandragora, The Hand of Fear) Sarah could also whistle. (TV: Revenge of the Cybermen) Sarah Jane was one of Britain’s top journalists. Just three of the country’s very top journalists have been invited to watch the presentation of the SerfBoard. Sarah Jane was one of them. (TV: The Man Who Never Was) She also wrote her own book UNIT Fighting for Humankind. (TV: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?)


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