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The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe

The Doctor, the Widow and the Wardrobe was the 2011 Christmas special of Doctor Who. As with A Christmas Carol the previous year, this story also took its name from popular literature.

It marked a relapse for the Doctor, who renounced his choice to travel alone and was reunited with Amy Pond and Rory Williams, ending a two-year absence from their standpoints in time.


A spaceship approaches 1938 Earth, and prepares its weapons to destroy the planet. Instead, it begins to blow up itself thanks to the Doctor, who is now running for his life to escape the ship. Sealing off the part of the ship that is exploding, the Doctor finds the section he’s in has fallen apart. The vacuum of space is pulling him out. Seeing a space suit nearby, he tries reaching for it, but it falls out. Using his respiratory bypass system, the Doctor lets go of the ship and falls after the suit, barely missing getting caught in the explosion. Grabbing hold of the suit, he struggles to put it on as he enters the Earth’s atmosphere.

In England, Madge Arwell is riding her bike home when something falls from the sky into a nearby field. She finds a space suit inside a crater as a groan comes from it. Madge opens the visor to find the wearer has the helmet on backwards. She informs him of this when he believes he’s gone blind. Explaining he “got dressed in a hurry”, the Doctor asks Madge to help him find a police box. Madge returns home to retrieve the keys to her neighbor’s car, informing her children to tell their dad she is helping a spaceman angel find a police box. When her husband asks where she is going, their son, Cyril, simply says “out”; her story is obviously ridiculous.

After a bumpy drive due to her lack of driving acumen, Madge finds a police box. She helps the Doctor out of the car, as he bumps into a street lamp. She wonders why he hasn’t taken off his suit. He explains it’s an impact suit, which is healing him from the fall. The Doctor tells Madge that he will repay her kindness. All she has to do is make a wish. Entering the police box, the Doctor asks if they can try again — it’s not the TARDIS.

Three years later, in the Second World War, Madge’s husband, Reg is flying his plane blind, looking for a guide to navigate his way. Seeing none, he looks at a picture of Madge and apologizes.

Madge receives a telegram, informing her that Reg was lost at sea. She does not tell her children, Cyril and Lily, what happened, as she wants to keep them happy at Christmas. Because of the bombing, they are to leave for Uncle Digby’s country estate. As her children break a wishbone, Madge makes a silent wish for help.

They arrive at Digby’s estate, where the Doctor greets them. He introduces himself as the caretaker. He shows them around the estate, explaining he “repaired” several boring rooms. They have been upgraded with delightful gizmos. He shows the children their room, which has everything a child could want for their hobbies — at the cost of their beds (they’ll have to sleep in hammocks). Madge tells the Doctor to stop and sends the children out of the room. She tells him that their father is dead, but then wonders at herself why she keeps shouting at them. The Doctor explains that it’s because she knows that they will be very sad when she tells them the bad news; their happiness until then is upsetting her. The reason to let them be happy now is because they are going to be very sad later.

Before anything more can be said, they are interrupted by cries of delight from Cyril and Lily. They go to a room where the Doctor has set up an elaborate tree with a large gift box. Madge is shocked by the many toys the Doctor has put in the room. She turns to find him leaving once the children wonder who left them a gift.

That night, Cyril decides to open the Doctor’s present before Christmas. He finds it contains a portal to another world, one covered in snow. A tree sprouts what seem to be ornaments. He grabs one, sees a face on it and drops it to run back. Something hatches from the ornament and walks off.

Back in the house, Lily is worried about Cyril. She notices lights from the attic. She finds the Doctor working on the electrics with the TARDIS next to him. He lies that the TARDIS is his wardrobe, painted to look like a police box. The Doctor wonders if Cyril is still in bed once he observes a beeping light he is holding. To prove to the Doctor that Cyril is in bed, Lily takes him to see, but finds the Doctor was right. Cyril is not there. Impressed with Cyril’s cleverness, the Doctor decides to look for him.

They head for the sitting room with the tree and find Cyril re-entering the portal. The Doctor enters and pulls Lily after him, explaining that its a portal to another planet. They have arrived a few minutes after Cyril because of the nature of the portal. The Doctor explains this gift was supposed to be a supervised trip to one of the safest planets he knows, which also has beautiful natural Christmas trees. Meanwhile, Cyril has traced footprints left by the creature which earlier hatched from the “bauble”. They lead to a tower-like structure.

Back in the house, Madge feels uneasy and looks around for the others, only to find them gone. She finds the portal and enters the forest herself. She encounters three harvest rangers, who hold her at gunpoint. They explain that the forest is private property, and she’s in danger because of the acid rain coming to melt the trees down into fuel. They do a scan of her, finding that she is not from their era. The portal lead to the future. Madge begins crying from the stress and shock of what’s happening. Deciding Madge will trust them if they are unarmed, the three do so, asking if they can interrogate her now. Madge then turns the tables on them by pointing a gun at them, telling them she’s from the time of the Second World War.

Cyril has entered the structure and made his way to the top. Inside are wooden statues of a king and a queen. When Cyril sits on a throne in the top of the tower, the Wooden Queen comes to life and puts a crown on him. At the same time, the Doctor and Lily arrive and ascend the stairs. The Wooden Kingdoctor-who-the-doctor-the-wardrobe-and-the-widow-c-5 comes to life and follows them up. Finding Cyril, the Doctor then questions the Queen and King. They are trying to evacuate the forest’s life force before the Androzani trees are melted. They lured Cyril to them, but he is too weak to carry their life force off the planet. To the Doctor’s chagrin, he is also too weak. Lily is strong, but too young.

Madge is taken to the harvest rangers’ vehicle, where she has all but the female member of the trio tied up to get some answers; Madge trusts her more than the men. The female ranger says they can scan for her children and set up a radio feed to receive any voices within the area. However, as soon as this is set up, a warning about the acid rain sounds and the rangers are teleported away. Madge hears Cyril over the radio, saying he will wait at the tower until she comes as she always comes.

Worried for the child’s life, the Doctor tries explaining to Cyril that the portal they used to get to this planet will close soon, and they have to leave right away if they have a chance of avoiding the acid rain. However, the child is adamant and the rain begins; the tower won’t hold up for long. They notice the ground shaking. Outside, the rangers’ vehicle, a giant robot, is being piloted poorly towards the tower. The Doctor recognises the driving style: Madge. She tells the Doctor he is fired as caretaker, before crashing the robot next to the tower.

The Doctor rushes her inside, where the Wooden Queen and King decide she is both strong and old enough. The Doctor realizes they are saying that all life comes from the “mother ship”, and thus are insisting on a female host. The forest’s life force enters Madge as the room separates from the tower and launches itself into the time vortex. On the Queen’s instruction to think of her destination, the Doctor tells her to think of all the memories and emotions of home until it hurts. Complying, Madge begins thinking of her husband, and how he followed her around all the time until she promised to marry him. She then sees a display of her husband’s plane, lost at sea. Not wanting to see her husband crash, Madge asks the Queen and King not to show her that. Lily and Cyril realize she’s been keeping a secret from them.

In a flash of light, everyone is transported to Digby’s lawn. The Doctor explains that the trees’ life force, the Wooden Queen and Wooden King have left and are now out in space. Madge tries hugging her children, but they ask what she meant about their father dying. The Doctor excuses himself. When he steps outside, he rushes back to tell Madge to come out. Somehow, Reg landed right behind them. The Doctor explains that her love led him into the time vortex, and he used the light from the escape pod as a guide to follow. Reg wonders what happened, until he is told it’s Christmas. He puts aside thought to enjoy the holiday with his family.

Later, Madge enters the attic as the Doctor prepares to leave. Seeing the TARDIS, she realizes the “caretaker” was the spaceman she helped years earlier. She asks him to stay and enjoy Christmas, but he tells her he cannot. Madge thinks he has loved ones of his own, but the Doctor says that they think he died. Madge orders the Doctor to go see them. They shouldn’t think he’s dead at Christxmas8mas. As he enters the TARDIS, the Doctor tells Madge that if she ever needs his help again, she should make another wish. Reg enters as the TARDIS dematerialises. Madge explains the Doctor has returned to the time vortex, which she thinks is a lovely place.

In the 21st century, the Doctor arrives at Amy and Rory’s. Amy answers the door with a water gun, thinking it is Christmas carolers again. He greets her awkwardly, wondering how long it has been since they last met. Amy tells him that it’s been two years, and spritzes the Doctor with water as payback for yet another long wait. She says River told them the truth, that he didn’t really die. They each then assert that they will not hug first. After they hug, she invites the Doctor in, calling Rory to see who’s at the door. Rory tries pretending to be surprised, but Amy tells him that they’re past that. The Doctor asks if they have room for one more. They tell him that they always set a place for him. As Amy and Rory head in, the Doctor leaks a few tears, to his own surprise. He wipes his eye and smiles, noticing that he’s got a bit of “humany-wumany” in him, then joins his friends for Christmas dinner.


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